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 Post subject: Task 1; Galaxy Bowling?
PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:47 am 
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i) Supermans first choice is to throw a planet much like earth. Calculate the radius, volume and surface area of earth.
ii) Astro boy decides to throw the sun itself. Ca;culate its volume, density and mass.
iii) Write down the distance from our sun to the centre of the galaxy. Note that an answer in "light years" should be converted to SI units (metres)
iv) On Supermans next turn, he decides to throw Saturn. What is the mass of Saturn.
v) Supermans throw of saturn was good. It is aimed perfectly straight but it travels 2% past the centre of the galaxy. How far did it travel in total? By how much did it overshoot the target?
vi) If it took 5.5x10(8) seconds from the time that Saturn was thrown to the time it stops, at what speed was it travelling? You should pretend that Saturn travelled at the same speed for its entire journey, and it spontaneously stopped at 5.5x10(8) seconds.
vii) Express your answer to question vi); in km/h then compare this to the speed of an aeroplane, expressing your comparison as a ratio.
viii) Astro boy decides to be extrememly accurate. He picks up an asteroid and throws it gently at a speed of 100km/h. How long will it take this asteroid before it reaches the centre of the galaxy? Express your answer first in SI units, then in years

Please id really like help in answering these and fast x

 Post subject: Task 1; Galaxy Bowling?
PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:38 pm 
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confident, the Andromeda Galaxy i transferring in the direction of the Milky way. you notice, regardles of an increasing universe, community adjustment in course ensue. The Andromeda Galaxy is only a pair of million easy years away, so the speed of expansion at that distance isnt plenty beside. i think the two galaxie are coming near at 750 miles consistent with 2d, yet it rather is from reminiscence.

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